Eventual marring by Marks and stains are in some cases almost inevitable, whatever type of flooring you choose, whether it is Carpet, Wood, LVT, or Porcelain.

So here at Americarpet, We want to help by giving you tips that in our 35 years of business have given great results to our customers.

1.- The first one is simple, Prevention

We all know that prevention is better than cure and this is certainly true when it comes to floor stains. By modifying your usage slightly, you can go a long way towards avoiding stains and marks that may be difficult to remove.

2.- Be careful moving heavy furniture

With hard surface floors and carpets, even those designed for heavy traffic for commercial use or residential use, take care when moving furniture or heavy objects across the floor. Ideally, lift rather than slide, if the object is too heavy to be lifted, use a towel or a heavy sock under each leg to reduce damage to the floor.

3.- Fashion but bad for wood

Try to avoid high heels on wood floors if possible and if they must be worn indoors, make sure that the heels are not worn down to the metal nails as this can seriously scratch the floor surface.

4.-Mats forever

Entrance mats are always a good idea, not only do they trap dirt, grime, and outside moisture, but they can also help to prevent unintended scratches from incoming our outgoing traffic, especially in the case of grit being tracked into the house, and the best part of this is that if You come to our store You can get a door mar FOR FREE!

5.- Strong chemicals

Be especially careful when using products with a high content of strong chemicals such as permanent marker pens, solvents, shoe polish, and hair dye. If accidental marking does occur, wipe it off as soon as possible.

6.- The terror of the interiors: Humidity

humidity can play a role in floor damage, especially with hardwood floors,  try to keep humidity in the rooms between 45 and 55%. Excessive moisture in the atmosphere can cause swelling in wood fibers, leading to cracks and buckles in the finish. You can also try laying floors that humidity does not harm them, here at Americarpet We have hundreds of floors that can resist high levels of humidity.

7.- Win the war on stains

Carpet stains can usually be successfully removed using a sponge or towel and a good spot remover (luckily here in Americarpet We have the best spot remover). Remember Avoid using detergents because they will cause the carpet fibers to attract more dirt and staining can be even more likely in the future.


8.- Commercial carpet Tile is the future

One of the advantages of carpet tile is that if you got a stain hard to remove or irreparable damage was made to the carpet, you can easily change the damaged carpet tile. For this and many more reasons, the carpet industry is moving forward with carpet tile. We are going to talk more in detail about this in other blogs.

9.- Act fast in hardwood floors

For hardwood floors, the key is wiping up spills immediately. Moisture is the main enemy of timber flooring so never allow a wet area to stand. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe up the liquid and then another dry cloth to make sure the area is completely dry.

10.- Porcelain tile 

Porcelain tile tends to be water-resistant, but it is still a good idea to tackle any stains or spills immediately. Usually, just mopping with hot water and mild household detergent should do the trick as the hot water will loosen the dirt and the detergent helps to lift any oily substances off the floor. If the stain remains stubborn, try to loosen the spot with a soft brush or synthetic scouring pad but avoid steel wool or metal brushes as these can scratch the surface of the tiles.

Definitely the key to avoiding stains and irreparable damage is to prevent, act fast, and be patient.


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