1) Aesthetics 

In busy commercial spaces, dark-colored patterns are the popular choice.  Dark patterns are traditionally more tolerant than light colors, marks and stains will blend into the pattern over time, allowing the carpet to last longer in a commercial setting where spills are more frequent.

In contrast, light-colored carpets are often favored in residential settings because they give the impression of space and light.


Commercial carpet tile by Milliken

Residential carpet by Shaw

2) Comfort

Comfort is the top priority for residential carpet and likely feels exceptionally luxurious underfoot when compared with commercial-grade carpet. The two types of carpet are constructed differently: to improve underfoot comfort, the residential carpet is likely to have a higher pile height, which creates a feeling of comfort and softness.


Commercial carpet plank by Milliken

Residential carpet by Godfrey Hirst


3) Durability 

If comfort is the main priority in a residential setting, durability is top for commercial-grade carpet.

Commercial floor covering is created to handle high levels of foot traffic day after day. It is carefully constructed so that it can withstand repeated heavy foot traffic without looking worn.

4) Cleaning and Maintenance requirements 

For both residential and commercial grade carpets, vacuuming is the primary cleaning method, with an occasional deep clean.

However, due to the higher levels of foot traffic, commercial carpet requires much more extensive cleaning and maintenance than residential carpet. Even in households with small children, you probably will not reach the levels of dirt brought in on hundreds of people’s shoes in a busy commercial environment.

Identify what type of traffic you will have in your home or office and it will be much easier to find the best option for residential or commercial carpet.


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