The Thing About Wooden Floors is that while they are awesome investments, hardwood floors do require some attention to maintain their appearance and functionality. Remember that the floor is the largest element in any room, which means that it will basically set the tone in that specific area.

Check out these 10 tips that would help you with your hardwood floors.

1.- Apply a High-Quality Finish

Wooden floor finishes vary in appearance and actual quality, so make sure you always choose a reliable coat.

2.- Walk Around Barefoot or Use Slippers Inside of Your House.

Shoes with hard soles tend to wear your floors quickly, so you can encourage your family to either walk around barefoot or use their slippers indoors.

3.- Put Area Rugs Under Big Pieces of Furniture

Area rugs are a great way to protect your hardwood. Even when they cover large areas, these rugs still let you showcase your wooden floors, and they provide a layer of protection that keeps damage from heavy furniture to a minimum.

4.- Avoid Rolling Chairs

Rolling chairs are functional, but they can also damage your hardwood flooring. The best way to prevent these damages is to avoid rolling chairs.


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5.- Clean Up Spills Immediately

Spillage is inevitable, especially if you have pets or children. Always remember to keep your hardwood cleaning supplies handy as this will help you take care of spills right away.

6.- Put a Doormat in All Entrances

Most of the outdoor contaminants that may damage hardwood floors come in on the bottom of people’s shoes. Placing a doormat in every entry point in the house will help reduce the deterioration that your wood floor experiences.


There is no doubt that hardwood floors add elegance to your home, visit us in our showroom to find a wide variety of wood floor species, colors, and sizes.

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