Round area rugs are often smaller than their rectangular counterparts, but they can serve as vital accents that tie a room together or connect one room’s theme to the rest of the house. When you are decorating your home or business, round rugs may not be at the top of your list, but they can help fill the awkward floor spaces that otherwise would stand out against the backdrop of the rest of your place. Styles can vary, but a majority of the round rugs that you will find use traditional patterns and motifs, as opposed to contemporary rugs that use bolder colors and more modern themes. Here are a few places where we commonly see round rugs being used

Entrance Area Rugs

Not intended to be used as a place for your guests to wipe their shoes off, entrance area rugs provide a soft step into your home after your guest has already cleaned their shoes on an exterior doormat. This designer area rug placement is especially useful if you ask your guests to take off their shoes when they enter. The style of the rug should reflect the tone of your home, as it will be the first thing anyone sets foot on when they come in. Round wool area rugs will be able to manage more foot traffic than ones made with more delicate materials like silk, so consider what the rug is made of as well as the shape before placing in a high traffic area.

Accents for Tables and Other Furniture

Placed under an antique side table or nightstand, circular area rugs can be an eye-pleasing accent to your living room or bedroom. If you have a favorite recliner, a round rug can also be placed underneath it as an accent to keep your toes from immediately hitting a cold, hardwood floor. Large round area rugs are also ideal for small dining tables. 

Play Areas 

Wool area rugs are the best option for children’s play areas since it is more durable and easier to clean than silk rugs, and the round nature of a rug will make it impossible for corners to get worn too quickly (since it doesn’t have corners). Plus, kids love to play on the soft surface of colorful rugs.

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