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Karastan Carpet

Karastan has a simple philosophy: each rug and carpet is an exquisitely crafted work of art. This premium flooring is known for its innovative designs that feature a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. The elegant and sophisticated designs are both contemporary and traditional. Colors range from neutral shades like beige and gray to […]

Fabrica Carpets

Custom Area Rugs

Water proof residential carpet

Where To Use Carpet Tiles?

  If you’re looking for a fantastic alternative to traditional carpets, then think about using carpet tiles. These can give the same look as traditional broadloom carpets but have some significant advantages particularly if you are considering flooring for a room with high family activity and the presence of children and/or pets or even areas […]

Hardwood flooring

There are three main types of hardwood flooring. It’s very important to consider how much traffic you will have on these floors before choosing. There is a layer the manufacturers put on prefinished flooring called veneer also known as wear layer. For a heavy traffic area you want to look for a veneer layer of […]

Round Area Rugs

Round area rugs are often smaller than their rectangular counterparts, but they can serve as vital accents that tie a room together or connect one room’s theme to the rest of the house. When you are decorating your home or business, round rugs may not be at the top of your list, but they can […]

10 Ways to take care of your floors

Eventual marring by Marks and stains are in some cases almost inevitable, whatever type of flooring you choose, whether it is Carpet, Wood, LVT, or Porcelain. So here at Americarpet, We want to help by giving you tips that in our 35 years of business have given great results to our customers. 1.- The first […]


First of all, I want to thank you for coming to my blog. My purpose here is to give you fundamental knowledge on how to choose flooring. Wether it is carpet, laminate, commercial carpet, wood flooring, synthetic grass (fake grass) or area rugs, I want you to be informed. If you happen to be in […]