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7 Reasons why area rugs improve your home interior design

Area rugs are beneficial to home aesthetics, which is why here at Americarpet we picked 7 reasons why buying an area rug for your home is a good idea. 1) Area rugs help you section your room and ensure that one area of your home does not spill over into another room or area. 2) […]

The importance of carpet padding

Carpet padding is a material that is placed under the carpet. It can be made from a variety of elements, such as foam, fiber, rebond, and other materials. The padding helps to minimize the stress on your flooring, reduces noise, increases cushion and comfort for your feet.   When you are deciding on a carpet […]


Colorful Area Rugs Have fun with colored patterns. Vivid blues, magentas, reds, oranges, or greens can make a difference by complementing neutral colors on chairs, a sofa, a coffee table, a rug, or a hard floor. A spectacular color palette always impresses. Minimalistic For minimalist decor, geometric prints in beige, black, white, and soft neutral […]

The two most common hardwood floors

1.- Solid Hardwood Flooring  Solid wood flooring is made of one piece of wood from top to bottom and can be used in any room that is on or above ground. One of the many benefits of solid wood flooring is it can be sanded and refinished many times. This type of wood flooring is […]


First things first, what is LVT?  LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile and it is a type of hard flooring that looks like real wood, with the advantage of being waterproof and for heavy traffic. LVT offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, whether you are looking for a modern gray, weathered woods, […]


At Americarpet We have thousands of rugs for You to choose from in the USA & abroad, that is why We offer custom rugs in a large variety of luxurious styles & designs. Custom rugs are available in rich textures ranging from nomadic weaves with long, radiant, lustrous plush pile with supple handle, to dense, […]


First of all, I want to thank you for coming to my blog. My purpose here is to give you fundamental knowledge on how to choose flooring. Wether it is carpet, laminate, commercial carpet, wood flooring, synthetic grass (fake grass) or area rugs, I want you to be informed. If you happen to be in […]